Help Irish Endangered Wildflowers the Lazy Way

It turns out you can just buy seeds for plenty of endangered species on the internet?

I have undertaken a project to reintroduce several endangered Irish wildflowers to my garden and some local suitable habitats, and I learned that it was easier and cheaper than I had at first imagined. The hardest part was finding suppliers. So in the spirit of inviting other willing volunteers on board, I've included a handy list of supplier links for the wildflowers I've started with.

There is a clear bias toward flowering species because they are more likely to have a commercial purpose: I would like to get seeds for more of the flowerless plants if I found a good supplier. WildSeed does offer sedge seeds, but I didn't find any of the Irish endangered species last time I looked.

My method is straightforward: I'm planting several seeds of each type in pots for planting out, and scattering the rest broadcast in suitable habitats. If you're super lazy, just do the latter: take a pinch of the seeds and throw them over your shoulder somewhere suitable looking.

A follow-up project I'd like to try next would be to find some endangered or extinct Irish lepidoptera: Worldwide Butterflies do stock some occasionally and I have some of their preferred plant species in my garden already.

Anyway, here's a list of seeds I'm working with, join in and let me know over on the fediverse if you do!

S.officinalis - Greater Burnet

Available from Seedaholic.

A.githago - Corncockle Available from Seedaholic -

some of mine started sprouting right away during a warm spell in midwinter, so they appear very easy to work with.

A.arvensis - Corn Chamomile

Available from Seedaholic.

C.autumnale - Autumn Crocus

Available from plant world seeds.

Beware that this plant is poisonous and apparently is often mistaken for wild garlic (though one thought the smell of the garlic would be a clear attribute to expect), so be careful where you plant it.

M.orontium - Weasel's Snout

Available from JustSeed.

C.trachelium - Nettle-Leaved Bellflower

Available from JustSeed.

S.granulata - Meadow Saxifrage

Available from WildSeed.

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.