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Been Busy!

It's been ages since I've blogged. I guess now is a nice time to get back on track, both here and on I have been far from idle! However, much of my work has been biotech-related, which belongs yonder on indiebiotech, so I'll just share some of my non-biotech pet projects here for now. TinyStatus In response to ongoing attempts to regulate “Unfettered Commentary” in Ireland, I wrote a peer-to-peer microstatus server/client in 30 lines of Python, in the hopes of making a similar point to the 15-line TinyP2P app written in response to P2P regulation attempts in 2004.

Hello again, world!

I've migrated my old blog from to It's not entirely a matter of vanity, although I do rather like having my name on top: It's part of a broader migration of my online stuff from the US to Iceland. The reasons for this are chiefly that Iceland is one of the world's best countries in terms of free speech and free access to information. In fact, trends in Iceland suggest that more free speech may be on the way, not less; that's bucking a scary global trend towards censorship and surveillance.

On Rule-Of-Law in Ireland, and Preservation of Free Speech: Please Reject Three-Strikes

Dear Mr. Bruton, I am writing to you (and simultaneously to my blog, where further correspondence will be forwarded) to ask that you reconsider your support of a Three-Strikes policy on internet use in Ireland. There are many reasons for you to do so. Chiefly among them, I feel, is the threat to our judicial system if this system becomes part of Irish law. By legitimising the surveillance of corporate bodies on Irish citizens, and by permitting these foreign corporate bodies to realise a powerful ability normally reserved for state agencies (the power to effectively silence a citizen of Ireland), the Three-Strikes policy will set a precedent whereby privatisation of legal power becomes acceptable.

Cork USB Dead Drops - Coming Soon from Nexus Cork

(This post is cross-posted from the Nexus Cork blog, where I just posted it) Update: Changed Bitcoin address to a modern one I haven't lost! Hey all, Cathal here. I've got a project in the pipeline that I'd like to shout about while it brews. You may have heard about Dead Drops: Worldwide, governments and corporations are warring against the freedom and enlightenment that universal net access is bringing us. If they have their way, then scarcely a decade after the first net-native generation emerged, the internet will be crippled and controlled by the people who stand to lose the most from true, informed democracy.