leaving google

Been Busy!

It's been ages since I've blogged. I guess now is a nice time to get back on track, both here and on indiebiotech.com. I have been far from idle! However, much of my work has been biotech-related, which belongs yonder on indiebiotech, so I'll just share some of my non-biotech pet projects here for now. TinyStatus In response to ongoing attempts to regulate “Unfettered Commentary” in Ireland, I wrote a peer-to-peer microstatus server/client in 30 lines of Python, in the hopes of making a similar point to the 15-line TinyP2P app written in response to P2P regulation attempts in 2004.

Leaving Google Behind: Progress Report

Google, I'm Leaving You. Somewhere over five years ago, I gratefully accepted an invite to Gmail and rejoiced: it was a wonderful new paradigm in web-based email, and a huge improvement over Yahoo Mail. It's still one of the best email services online, and still miles ahead of the nearest competition by number of users. At the time, it was a straightforward social contract; Google would host and provide a great email service, and in exchange, non-human agents (robots!

Namecrime Exodus: I Suggest Leaving G+ by September 10th if Namecrime Remains

Dear all: I'd like to start something called a “Namecrime Exodus”; if by September 10th Google are still forcing people to use real names, I'm leaving Google+ and deleting my account. I strongly encourage you to post likewise and commit to leaving a defective service that doesn't understand or want to understand the freedoms and cultures of the internet. Google is a company born of and dependent upon the internet and the people who use it.